Using centrifugal movement concepts, the CRANFOS cyclone centrifuges are designed to separate the gas from the particulate matter contained in it.

The inlet is placed at the top of the unit in order to drive the gas flow to the unit inside walls in a tangential way. At this point, the gas is set in a centrifugal motion, taking a downward spiral shape towards the bottom of the unit. Such movement imparts to the particulate matter the centrifugal force required for running the course next to the inner surface of the cyclone centrifuge. At the end of the path (bottom of the unit), the particulate matter can be captured using specific discharge and sealing valves.

Not only does the gas follow its path without the particulate matter that it contained at inlet to the equipment, is also can be more easily treated so that it can be released into the environment without any significant problems.

Depending on customer requirements, various cyclone centrifuges can be set up info several in-line or parallel schemes for a more efficient retention of particulate matter. They are arranged into such new schemes so that they can take up smaller spaces at the customer’s facilities.

Both sizing and designing also take into consideration the process type and the composition of the gas and particulate matter, and special materials can be used to prevent corrosion and/or wear on the inner walls and other items that get in contact with the gas.